Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My New Funky Flats

Good evening my dears. I hope everyone is well. I have to say I am very disappointed with the weather this week so far, it has been freezing!! I've had woolly jumpers on and boots, like what the heck? It's the end of April, we shouldn't have snow and hail stones. Blah blah blah, enough of the weather rant...

Today's post is about these cool dogtooth slipper style flats that I got for an amazing £4 from Matalan in the sale. Such a flippin' bargain. Unfortunately I can't find them online but you might be able to grab them in your local Matalan fingers crossed if they have any left.

I was so intrigued when I saw these hanging on the reduced section and to be quite honest fell in love with them right there. I'm really into the dogtooth print at the minute and think they are just really funky. They definitely add a bit of style to my wardrobe. Paired with a white tee and black jeans these look amazing.  Comfy wise they haven't given me blisters and are my normal size 6 in size. I like the fact the insole is a bit cushioned as this feels really nice on my feet. For £4 I definitely got a steal. These will be getting plenty of wear.

Have you bought any new shoes lately that have stole your heart?
Let me know in the comments. 

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Love Chelsella x x x

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  1. £4? Really? What a bargain! And they look so cute! I have never been shopping at Matalan but I am soooo going to fix it! xx corinne